CatalogueRight-8f64ba73700a8391a82258752e0b3310 2 Degrees, Threats to the Paris agreement

2 Degrees, Threats to the Paris agreement

2 Degrés, les dessous de la guerre climatique

Current affairs • 1x52' • HD


The climate war in the form of a thriller Two degrees, Threats to the Paris Agreement tells the story of today’s climate war in thriller form. It looks behind the scenes with the special eyewitnesses we were able to meet, first and foremost Laurent Fabius, the man behind the Agreement. Throughout, it seeks to recreate the tensions, constant suspense, complications and dramatic twists of the intricate, unfamiliar and yet essential negotiations, all set against the background of a climate emergency where more bad news is announced every day. Our intention is to reveal what went on away from the public eye during the climate war for the Paris Agreement, and show it in the form of a thriller, with its various characters and ticking clock. The vital story that unfolded before our eyes and, of course, events in the wings. 
- 2018 as the climactic year as it will reveal the results of the Paris Agreement. COP 24 will be held in Poland, a notoriously climate-sceptic country. Trump and Putin will be at work, leading a coalition of climate-change deniers. The climate war is only just beginning. - High-status participants - The secrets of the bitter climate conflict presented as a political thriller - This documentary as an unique educational resource.
« 2 degrés, Menaces sur les Accords de Paris », racontera la guerre climatique actuelle, comme un thriller. Dans les coulisses, avec les témoins privilégiés auxquels nous avons accès et en premier lieu Laurent Fabius, initiateur de ces Accords. En cherchant toujours à restituer la tension, le suspens permanent, les complications, les coups de théâtre de ces négociations byzantines, méconnues et pourtant essentielles ; le tout, sur fond d’urgence climatique, tant les mauvaises nouvelles s’accumulent... Le parti pris est de raconter les coulisses de cette guerre climatique pour les Accords de Paris, sous la forme d’un thriller, avec ses personnages, son compte à rebours. Cette histoire essentielle qui s'est jouée sous nos yeux, et bien sûr, en coulisse.

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  • Jean-Michel Carré
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