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Lauren Bacall, a look from sky

Lauren Bacall, ombre et lumière

Documentary • 1x52' • HD


Lauren Bacall titled her memoirs By Myself. They read like the making of a movie on her interior world. Indeed, this documentary film offers an intimate portrait: ‘I spent a large part of my life trying to figure out who I really was. It wasn’t easy. And it still isn’t.’ In fact, Lauren Bacall has always pointed to a chink in her armor as the basis of her personality and that the film tries to establish. What is the real personality of the lady who, along with Humphrey Bogart, stood for what dreams are made of?

It’s the story of a little Jewish girl from Brooklyn, whose parents were Romanian and Polish immigrants. Her life became the American Dream they had sought when at age 19 she was noticed by Howard Hawks. They had little in common, however he offered her the leading part opposite Humphrey Bogart in To Have and Have Not. He was the love of her life until his death brought them apart twelve years later. The Hollywood lovers became the most glamorous couple in the history of cinema. Slowly let down by the film studios she returned to New York with the sole idea of getting her revenge on Hollywood. The parts she played on Broadway were immensely successful. They brought her recognition and honors, at last.


Un portrait intime de Lauren Bacall. Il s'agit du portrait à la première personne de la star américaine devenue mythe dès l’âge de dix-neuf ans, en quatre années et quatre films. Tout a commencé à Brooklyn dans la rudesse du monde des exilés d’Ellis Island et l’abandon, puis basculera en un conte de fées hollywoodien, qui finira aussi par l’abandon. Lauren Bacall a intitulé ses mémoires « By Myself ». Elle les a écrites comme le Making-off de son monde intérieur. C’est dans la perspective de cette confession intime que nous allons à sa rencontre. « J'ai passé une grande partie de ma vie à essayer de trouver ma propre identité. Et ça n'a pas été facile. Ça n'est toujours pas facile. » En fait, Lauren Bacall n'a cessé de désigner en elle une faille : celle qui devait la construire et que nous allons tenter de mettre à nu. Quelle est la vraie personnalité de celle qui fit rêver le monde entier, en compagnie d'Humphrey Bogart ?

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