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Erdogan, the Rise to Absolute Power

La Turquie selon Erdogan

Current Affairs • 1x52' • HD


In the space of just a few years, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has achieved the tour de force of becoming the strong man of the Middle East and a key diplomatic partner for Brussels and Washington, but also and especially the unchallenged ruler of a Turkey in complete disarray. The attempted coup on July 15, 2016 left him even more powerful and more determined than ever to rule Turkey alone and indefinitely – with, it would seem, the tacit consent of Europe. The documentary tells the story of the slow transformation of a man. Once democratic and pro-European, he is now a reactionary head of state with autocratic aims. From the abrupt cessation of Turkey’s EU accession talks in 2010 to the colossal purges destabilizing the country today, we will be studying the implementation of a ruthless strategy aimed at making the Turkish president the new Sultan of the Middle East. We will explore changes in Turkish society, map the fault lines that divide the country today and examine the conflicting dynamics that have turned modern Turkey into a country that is increasingly torn between East and West. 


Ce film raconte la lente transformation d’un homme jadis démocrate et pro-européen en un chef d’état réactionnaire aux ambitions autocratiques. Depuis l’arrêt brutal des négociations d’adhésion à l’Europe en 2010 jusqu’aux purges monumentales qui déstabilisent le pays aujourd’hui, il décrit la mise en place d’un système implacable destiné à faire du Président turc, le nouveau Sultan du Proche- Orient. Le documentaire interroge les mutations de la société turque, pointe les lignes de faille qui la divisent aujourd’hui. Ces dynamiques contradictoires font de la Turquie un pays plus jamais déchiré entre Orient et Occident.

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  • Anne-Fleur Delaistre
  • Anne-Fleur Delaistre & Olivier Joulie
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