CatalogueRight-8f64ba73700a8391a82258752e0b3310 War on Beasts

War on Beasts

Aux animaux la guerre

Série fiction • 6x52' • HD


In a region where the only job prospects are the local factory, prostitution or drugs, Martel tries to make a decent living and to take care of his old mother. He has two jobs, but this is not enough to cover for the expenses of his mother's nursing home.

One day, he and his colleagues find out that the factory is about the be delocalized and they will soon lose their jobs. Martel needs money. His friend Bruce, a simple minded bodybuilder, needs an accomplice to kidnap a prostitute and earn a lot of money. But Bruce is stupid and it all turns wrong.

These are the stories of lower class people, men and women who dream of love and of a normal life but must deal with a cruel and inevitable reality.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   La série suit les destins croisés de Martel, syndicaliste qui accepte un boulot de malfrat pour se remettre à flot ; Bruce, un bodybuilder sous stéroïdes et Rita, une inspectrice du travail consciencieuse. Alain Tasma réalise avec brio l’adaptation du roman de Nicolas Mathieu et décortique la brutalité sociale et économique causée par la désindustrialisation dans les Vosges.

Key Information

Cast & Crew

  • Alain Tasma
  • Roschdy Zem, Olivia Bonamy, Rod Paradot, Tcheky Karyo, Florent Dorizon, Michel Subor, Olivier Chantreau, Dani, Eric Caravaca
  • Alain Tasma & Nicolas Mathieu
  • Intended distribution

    Made for TV