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Putin, Master of the Game

La Vengeance de Poutine

Documentary • 1x52' • HD


The balance of world power is in his hands
“Without Putin, there is no Russia” a deputy head of the Russian presidential administration declared. In the new Russia of the 21st century, power is personified and Putin has become a key figure in international relations.   - Remarkable first-hand accounts from former ministers, counselors, diplomats and experts who discuss their encounters with Putin and the confrontation, manipulation and intrigues they have experienced.   - A modern Tsar at the head of a pseudo-democracy? How far can Putin go in realizing his vast ambitions? This documentary provides an instructive analysis of his political and military strategy and its impact on the entire world.
« Sans Poutine - pas de Russie aujourd'hui », a déclaré le chef adjoint de l'administration présidentielle. Dans la Russie du 21ème siècle, le pouvoir est incarné et Poutine est devenu un personnage incontournable des relations internationales. Un Tsar moderne à la tête d’une pseudo-démocratie ? Jusqu’où ira Poutine dans la réalisation de ses ambitions ? Ce documentaire apporte une analyse intéressante de sa stratégie politique et militaire et leurs impacts sur le monde entier.

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  • Antoine Vitkine
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