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Animation • 500x1'30 • 104x7' • HD


Original comic strips animated for the first time!

Peanuts is universal. The work of Charles M. Schulz speaks personally to everyone, both kids and adults, young and old, irrespective of character or culture. The series recapture the spirit and the dynamic of the universal and timeless stories of Charlie Brown’s gang and the wildly imaginative, supremely confident and world-famous beagle: Snoopy!

Power of Peanuts:

- Comic strip read by 45 million people a day

- 18.000 strips, for plenty new episodes!

- Very powerful on social networks: #1 most talked about character on Facebook

Kids format: A compilation of 5 shorts built up around a central theme and linked together by intertitials of visual gags featuring Snoopy and Woodstock.

Pop Collection: Shorts and a wide variety of themes: friendship, love, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, birthday, Summer...

Earned the Common Sense Seal "Great for families" : offer an exceptional media experience to families.


La Bande de Snoopy s’anime !

Depuis 65 ans, Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Woodstock et la petite bande des Peanuts enchantent les journées de millions de lecteurs du monde entier. Aujourd’hui pour la première fois, les strips originaux du génial Charles M. Schulz prennent vie : humour, intelligence, malice, tendresse. Snoopy s’anime maintenant sur les écrans !

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  • International Emmy Award (2016):

    International Emmy Award (nominated) Best Animated Feature Film
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    - 500x1'30: Pop Collection - 104'x7': Kids & Family format The legendary Comic Strips celebrated around the world now come on every screen in the Family Home